Tuesday, April 16, 2013


COLONIZE                           OCCUPY
  • WE ALL cried for epochs on end until we were pushed into packages and shipped off to see the wizard of unlikely shapes for balls to roll blunt innuendos out of fake cement. 
  • Folks trade lives for these sort of opportunities to never edit wholes into nitty grits. 
  • Grown-up era of aureality. 
  • "Invoke thee thorns, prince babble, we’ve lost our ticket to the commune party. ""Oh did you not hear it got canceled?" "Yeah we were thinking we might just hit up the old dinger, &help 'em fold napkins into swansongs."
  •  If we knew why we were raised to right this this way we wouldn’t be at this blue desk pecking this apple book pro deducing less and less pointed questioning degrees of poignancy.
  •  Wood rather be virtual components?
  • Cats on pianos? 
  • Don’t ask questions, dance them? 
  • Back to the cat tripping on the black keys pretending to be on accident. 
  • We invent aware are we? 
  • Some viruses mature into Darwinites. 
  • This theory never did happen to evolve. 
  • It’s revolution is God’s invention of the condom. 
  • A mob of I’s crystalize into an is. 
  • An is is an incongruous hub of happenstance. 
  • To bounce is to engage this happenstance in fidgets oozing figments of filters, effectively offing any reassemblance directed back to anoriginmyth. 
  • The slightest loose of tension leads to Dearth.
  • A sunken stamp of proof alluring moth path toward pan-electricity. 
  • Under Pomo’s shadow we shudder at any metaphor employed as such just as previous generators hid alliteration out of embarrassment. 
  • A job for Jove smudged in stainlessly stolen berries. 
  • See page 0001. 
  • Mocking boys "ahoy"
  • Buy polar opposites for your family’s friends’ feed on dried larvae. 
  • Self referential poet’s delight. (After one lick the sucker was placed back in the wrapper & gingerly twisted closed.)
  • Put sunglasses on your suns (or lemons)  so they look fresh and don’t glare.
  • Short on some assortment of love of vast distance= "i" tricked you into sensing "mi".  
  • How have you ever dreamt history into transcendental dividends. (No remains were found.)
  • Bury this cloud on this cliff.
  •  Regulate excessive communal nouns repurposed wall paper smells like illusive memory. 
  • Congealed Blob, meet Oeuvre. 
  • Is this microphone connected? 
  • Get to know people who know people who know people people, but avoid the people people first hand. 
  • The heaviness of Absurdity went out of fashion long before my birth so I wear it sideways or backwards till its worn out or sworn out of heaven and hell alike.  
  • How can you laugh when ... etcetera is spelt out of morphemes

”I like the way you talk cuz it don’t make much sense but its so lovely haha”
 –Louis Armstrong
Is it really any wonder why we find   e a t   in the   m e a t   of             death?
Conjurers of most pertinent docs,                  
                            Dog gone Catawampus declaration of melancholic nectar?
                                                                    What would a correlation weigh?
                                                                          Way to spend youth frugally?
Way to dent ideal. Sharp for a toy knife/ paralleled bi realities

squeeze  rests 
from the book o
Principia Plastica
VA va VA va VA va VARIETY STORE/ Eight stories fall down tall tails/
( Muddle middle muddlinguist )
Whoo, I,  uh, skew you, scribbled noospherical insults intelligence of bathroom stall wall!
This is Wyoming, no? A sorry state, yes? Sorry, yeah, no ists all-owed.
My, how shes eschewed logical imperatives once thought apparent.
My parental unit trap kept this toad as proof.
Wake up to the screaming horn of morn.
Wash mouth out before you bathos.
Poof! Rusty fish hook and singled out eggs!
Proof! The roof is the floor on fire!
Maladjustable love cries out “Fuckers” through a wawa pedal.
nly th vwls scpd ths ssntl sntnc.
A frozen language microwaving thawed awe.
Anongoing        ozone         wing               crow   playground      droppings
Nuclear host, how dare thee fuck in Sunday outfits.
Food open with hexy ether crap
Manifest fictitious manifesto!
Act before definition!

The body double ordered cut and dried. Dawn chaos cause chance, no system - a system in a pile of books on the floor without  a collective decision
Acoustic Chain of
So far, there is no reason, dawn, mixing everything - light, Magazine (Official), Bill · The Order of old stone thrown together without systemic cheeky brains for this op
Well, each of the common sense. The other transfer [A] the east, and he dwelt there [b] in the wars rare.
3 And they said to me: "I ask you fine flour and brick, let him do likewise" to one another. Then, in place of the milk’s stone, slime had they a mortar, oil, and the four said. If it be too care full ofs own name, in any other way, then, to the air, when the tower was to be arrested, "spread thin over the face of the world and we have to confirm that" the
City is the Lord (5) The people of the tower. 6 came to the same sermon, say "he says one after this manner, from time to that time. 7, if you  do the impossible, as they are in order that as of the intellects Confuse their tongs, '
From there the Lord scattered them abroad upon the earth the city would cease to post the eighth. 9 Why the so-called butterfly [100] -, surface of the earth, and every tongue a NIGHTINGALE. From there the Lord scattered them abroad upon the face of the earth.
Noble bleak akin kinks
Damn retro galore ratios obey dance off
Perpetuate soluble delusions off    spray do Chance

No pressure is the minimum distance
Why, as a dead body?
Maccus of the most important documents
Telling you that all dog katavampus sad honey
I wonder, if he himself Korrelatyon him?
Young people were honest?
Bulger proper way. Knife / sharp parallel to the actual game /
/ Stroock this /
We / 1, click and principles / plastic / left
Long tail floor / down Will, VA VA VA VA VA varyeti shop / 8
Private bus stonevall noosferikal insult cabin obsession, 1, A, and skev.
Wyoming or not? Corrupted, nay? Sorry, I'm ISTS 'is not allowed.
Is good for me, that is made manifest, might not be necessary at this time please.
Frog fathers slave
Wake up in the morning, scrying
Wash your mouth before the pain.
Poof! Are you connected stressed deer mildew?
Test! Please keep the wave of "fukkers" maladjustable feet scream.
Ssntl sntnk vvls panel selected is skpd Research Laboratory.
Language has been frozen in a microwave oven.
For example, the wizard of the ozone
I dare to curse the nuclear state of Sunday.
Empty stomach full of shitty food
Phantom of the constitution
Means, transfer, policy, confusion, vague, ambiguous, loose, projects muddling host the crown, the government, the model as coherent judgment, takes care Saccharum, ready, and unequa

Great Melders 
a mish translation of Jean Pierre Brisset
The bird was of golden age ....
Audio source captures emotion
sucks Source reveals bird
seems closed, or pointed.
 Example: baptism, Blessed are the gods of Industrial Initiative.
Sex with primitive sign gives this a name.
 Initial messages engraved graphics on the beach.
Note glory. Take phone sex on fire first, and then eat.
 Each section begins a necessary lot of time.
Bird cry of wolves, and the face and figure of the pig was not without analogous animal brown.
The first rigid element or law is birth.
The first letter of milk is everywhere.
 We child begins to live. 
Read and learn and how. 
Company is an invitation to lick.
 Water is the nipple.
 N Junction.
 This intersection created all eggs. 
Chief scientist said English slang suckled Nodes, no decision. 
... Looking for a new part of my name as a society's rigidity was laughing friends in different ways. Taqi said: "Woe to you who laugh the allegory of music". Weapons = urine = Rose White staff including spring. German Das ist? = What is it? Analysis: What ist =. anonymous sex and the bird on the water's "tampered origin."