Sunday, November 16, 2008

Follow Up (The Chroniclies of Now{_}Here)

... And thus the time had come to put an end to history once and for all! . . Why A Why?:
"YAY!!", ex-claimed The Kids, who were all on edge and beginning to doubt even the future of What. What ended up Happening started to become that very thing it sought not in the first place. The space before us was finally clearing way, , , but which?
"Why did you learn to laugh in such a funny manner", She asked. My eyes welled up, (On ions were swimming freely in the atmosphere.) so i dashed in to lunch with a pudgy young un who went by the name Sun. I had almost forgotten to pack the floss when my favorite mother came to mind reminding me of all those things i had tried so hard to forget. A lass to no a veil.
"Memory, you sweet bitch you", i accidentally sang aloud, piercing the third ear of poor Sun..))) and that was the needall that broke the baby's back.
So Baby was coerced to re-move her one and only spine-all-chord. This put so much pressure on Baby's in-turn-all organs that they imploded into thin ether, forever expanding whatever re-mained of the lungs until their inevitable collision with a black whole.
inside the black hole:
"OK. Now say epiphany 10 times as fast as you can, then tell me what you hear."
"OK. epiphany epiphany epiphany epiphany epiphany epiphany epiphany epiphany Epiphany... ((GOLDEN SILENCE))... it sounds just like it is"
"Watch your tung, Sun. Is is the most dangerous word you know now. OK, let's see hear. looks like next up is the word mantra. Begin!"
"Mantra, Mantra, , ohmy, i all most forgot all about my sexiest readers' attention."
"Fucking Cum On All Ready. Your seed is safe with me."
God Is Infinite: A one act play for two
By ___________
setting: the very edge of a black whole
Sun: Dear God, what is your favorite swear word of all time?
God: Hmm, that is a good one... Howsabout a three way tie between Shit, Fuck and god-Damnit.
Sun: Hey cheater! That was four words!!
God: lol... my dear child, , don't you know god doesn't count.
Sun: lol... Word.

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