Sunday, December 14, 2008

word salad

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schizophasia, commonly referred to as word salad, is confused, and often repetitious, language that is symptomatic of various mental illnesses
e.g. the question "Why do people believe in God?" could elicit a response consisting of a series of words commonly associated with religion or prayer but strung together with no regard to language rules. For example: "Because he makes a twirl in life, my box is broken help me blue elephant. Isn't lettuce brave? I like electrons, hello."
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Some other general examples are limited too:

  • "Tissues without a triangular head lice be it with controller is the noodle man of ice pops and radio yes thanks."
  • "So even with I but he river flow amber rod with it."
  • "You know bear mama said just keep boxing bitches."
  • bullet proof lip box what it is is is
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