Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ear reverse a bile 'o 'nana-sense*
(Hats laughing t' ears off to you too. TORN NUMBER
All even, although i, no you, know i. Well anyway, now you know
that obscure object of dessert. blur-part
The thing is, it is: More than a feeling... SOFT PLUS
Referencing the relativity of code uncrackable. sold verb (to)
Rereferencing that one system with the unpronounceable name scarcely known as * Also Aiwajovasana. THOTH BOSS
Hear how now the dialogue gets sticky within and in incommunicability. spitch press
Versing away the ear, in reverse, of course. VERBS VERB
Do da do wop! rip sounds (to)
That thing you do to rorschach's droppings. FOLD POEM
Ink begot! Forget how who needs you. pulled from
Nought to mention the very thing they do to you too irreversible to recognize in the first space OX MOUNTAIN
Look into Maia's i's. pun hyphens (to)
Easy hardly does it. TOPOS INVERT
wires necks cons escapists purists somnambulists numerologists poets murderers toes and great-grandmothers last and least. LIST SERF
which order can you make the most sense of; OF (VERB)

Given the constraint of a death sentence.
Give death the constraint of this sentence mulled over once to(o)
.many live times over and end. [SIC] again

*Color Corrections by One James Yeary

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