Thursday, June 4, 2009

-Yours truly
Alien Relatives
finally found
their voice is
and wish to sing
you a lullabye.
A resounding
suddenly sinked
into only
Who knows where.

renoun sing relative Itty
for getting feed
back out of the ether,
and right here where
needs to be.
A necessary desire to be free of all else.

Besides which,
a witch is a
way into
a Whereness.
This is precisely where you need to be a We're of This.
It wishes to speak freely f-
or its own utterdance
which wished to be
a once again
a free
virb. Ing Age .
A delicate way of putting this,
is that spirit is
intended as intensely more
than a metaphorce for change.
Neuro C's cease to B.
"A pit is all that is left of dessert."
There's that resounding good for nothing phrase under disrepair.
whoops we let my tongue
over those last
flights of stares
leading upward
for as far as the force can
mustard seed.
The satisfaction of which is guaranteed to be expansive.
To be is less then wholesome in the ugholiest wayword bound.
Sanctified by Binds
that bend and give way
to tuggylove and break
up the in-habit-
shuns and old fashioned relations-
hips of yes t'your.
Riddled recollections now
hide fresh meanings from your loved ones
w/ best test of intentions.
For fortunate seeds
suffice to say or do away with written word.
Blurb con sign of the times' own or ship. Spindle dwindle dwelling on future is aight with the. Hear goes.
So soothe the Sayers for their own occasional plots to take complete control of each others own mind if i do or don't either way surely you must know where this is going to have to make perfect sense to virgin ears.
Weather, they like it. Phear not. On behalf of yours truly, I simply must confess my innosense.
Whims are cool. Theories are hot. Avoid all other knownsense no matter the eventually!
Abilities are futile to a well made of tile.
Over exposed sun light is thunderously reactive to it's own sources. Ponderosa thumb tack i wonder. Why. Periodic mood enhancer kicking in words un own.
Devices left alone.
All is well

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