Monday, March 29, 2010

What Are The ChAnCeS?!

 Imagery depleted the mind you.
"Throckmorton is no excuse for a name, ass-zebra".


 "Stick to your gums or   remain forever umnvpronouncable, ygpvqz."
-Gobi Freeman's tongue

 negative space at your deservice.
 Ublogobi, we love  your trivial games even tho odd*.

 *Odd OD'd on beefdack looks nothing like the above

 Even evens the core. 

 Matter wishd even ether into
the oddest dregs of her core.

Decomposited facets add up to more or less equal each other out of the picture (a
parrot of carrot gold)
{(that is this that is, is it not?)}

Allasudden Said found its elf connected to those one dots obliterated by lines your great grandma wished she wrote way back when scribbling out crosses,
hence the birth of modern it tea, a move meant to
and i quote
"articitualilate the wishy washiest of knit wit nests"*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^~~~^~~~~~~~~~~~~ be discontinued