Friday, August 28, 2009

New Word Combos
To Help Ease Comprehensive Indigestion:

Earth's record Highs

When Co-insiding,
Gather yOur selves
to get her together.

Make Way for Formless Mula!
so much for force. Cuz,
nothing is = .
Exception All or Nothing is.
Accept a bowl movemint:

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Either an Om Bomb or a Love Glove
ending on One-size-fits-all is permissible.
Keep precious few perishables close to open mind
Jupiter told me to tell you too
to try to try

Spirit You All Progress
hid in gnawstick Ismschisms.

Pun poleass
Now with adead phuns
Hi Koo/ Bye coopeekatchu
Soft Where verse is Hard Hwair

fuji na yo kazi
comma ya oogi o
oido miyage

A tip for the young at tongue: hold high thy roof over thou mouth.

Beautifool of life,
I thirst for your drool.
Choice is a Voices':
a Re-fuse-all to abide by the refuge
A. Replacing the Home w/In
B. Praising the worthlessness w /Out
C. Olive the above
D. Nun of the above

Singing Ongingong*
*Phase of Circumstance*
*it's a dance of Chorus*
*a wave (repeated)*
*Delay dream action*
*Of course it's a Dance*
*Of circumstance*
*Ppphhfflangingongingongonging, (full range slow rate)*
*the way of the Wave's*
*(Future of wave is still)*
*still life out of* context
Wave of Trem
ololololowololololol (pitch corrected)
(wink, blink, wink)
Chronic sink.

recognize you are hearing your own cells flipping out
over the static resoundance of the uno watt

world wide war of the words... On Drums.
They are all (accept me and you) drunk on sugar.

Final Finale: (Wheezing) ...
Abstrounmoodotuckle Incarnate
til the chourus collectively slips into unconsciousness.
The Dream seems less scaped
then free music streaming metaphors to no end.

Rule of Thumbulina
Useful con to the deformed text.
Love what you don't know about love.
Name is Mei,
i read life lines for a living.
Nice to me et tu
Your line is:
Ear thlings desire more elements:
Fire took a knife hit:
Water turned air on to hard stuff like Sillibuttium

Fleeting as feelings
as above boiling

so below freezing.
It is a frozen hard boiled egg floating into the ether.
It's essence comess into question.
is a bad excuse for hanging on to General Vague's membrane.+++++++++++++++++++++++))))))))))))))))))))))

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