Sunday, February 8, 2009

Have you heard the news? Will smith went linear.
+Food forgot thought to break down.
What is w/Entropy allways invertin the cause of effects for? How known!
Temper airily returned to the ground.
Immedia sea. Saw you the other.

..!Ball droppings pinging in the inner either . .
Is is in the ether.
Ono motto pee uh. Wooden wanna be a.
My thic geo me tree is sin twat it used to be.
too to two: mess age of our times

:><: re ra verse apple. the Meaning is truly lost on the.
What is not in a Name? Only Love isn't a Name. Now is it?
It is now passing as Logos. Oh No!
Besides else, What else?

Will Will to be.

This is not too bad to not bother to try.
Too bad it could never be.
All it was was still all it ever was.
So now you no you never new.
Stay cliche or face the facts!
There is no looking for words now.


=+Love Change Foreversing evoL+=

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