Sunday, March 1, 2009

Word's sword swears to no oath but it's own.
Fools play in light of tongue's sway.
Yumm! yams n' fennel root-cake!!
Rhymes say time is together despite the dance of circumstance. Stay to gather now.
Pussyfooting around the subject of the mind.
Mine is objectively yours.
Ours are aloof and well aware.
That i always wants u.
Sharing is fair if need be desired.
Work for highered forcing free-form players to dis-integrate into the known.
Notes aspiring to be chords in the key of C.
Eye can C clearly now the freedoms gone.
I can see all obstacles in my sway.
Boom swagger croon seed.
Seemingly seemless or more margin all eyes'd
The web of strife: frighteningly graceful.
The skeleton of life: perfectly luminous,
under the raise of X.
The thunder perfect corpse posing as an undercover deity.
"Thor is shh... ", earlight thingening the ring of whatever existing tense You-All-Ism was left over.
Creating extra-earthly mindfulness thus cancelling out the equality of pleasure.
Thriving is a state meant to be in eat turn all process. Insides: U/ Besides: I.
Salt and sugar held under the tongue for 30 seconds will result in a lack of cause.
Why?, is a question not worth repeating.
What?, is never placed exactly where it ought to be.
Why?, you may ask.
There is no way or how of knowing.
The only way to know how is knowing where to place what is known as ones "whys".
Why is why is dumb. Be cause:
Wisdom is as relative as you want it to be, salami. and
Love is an other thing.
The thing in itself Kant be unknown.
Replikants are the residual effect of too much life sharing a parallel reality.
This is the reason that Diversity is the basis of Evolution.
How tangles quickly turn to knots just before the dear reader gets bored by death.
No intention is necessary.
Although, I thought U sought reconciliation.
Who are U speaking 2 third person?
My Name is my sole Game.
My souls are the 3rd party that broke the system.
Obsolete ideas, meet Notech.
Time-bomb, meet Lao Tze
God, meet me on the corner of 19th and Going
I'll be the one wearing the Jesus mask.
Jehova, don't get me started a bout all this.
I owe you one, I guess.
Morphing Dude, meet Karma Chameleon.
Z ran over your dog ma.
Only her story can ever change that.
A change is a change is a rose.
Deep sleep, please don't last.

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