Tuesday, October 27, 2009

To be taken with a grain of us alt
1,191. Learn from Mishtakes.
23. Type o over and over until the missage is cl ear nd.
3. Be kind to your other other kind.
24. Spell cast in times typeface until it comes true.
51. Craft void til nothingness matters more than less.
6. Obsess over space's displaced dillema.
7&8*.Take every precaution not to upset Master Imagery.
29. Always Trade 9 unsalted slabs of butter
for the death of any fathomable economy.

10. Exchange the commie kiddie's pool if the trash needs taking to(o).
9. Realize the limitless potential for water-soluble problems.
12. Trade the king of Hearts for a good joker. jk,not!
(All apologies for the weaknesses of the previous line.)
((See above.))
19. Collect dew from brother Noses heir.