Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Taming of the Screwy Events

In hir Culinary manifesto Ume Sheesh Havakau proposed her theory on the meaninglessness of post-meta-semantics to the Earl of Gravy who was holding out for Rosemary and a doggy biscuit.: 
" because in the flaky domain of cosigns without a motherratio to verrify the whole problem...."
This did not put a damper on their already strained relations. At meetings like these, the Earl had mastered a means to tune out the standardized content of Sheesh's probes which he 'd come to disregard as simply the most elaborate hoax of the 23rd century. The Earl was not alone in his critical sentiments:
"I left unmoved" or
"I was unconvinced by her motives" or
"was the use of the word arbitrary really all that necessary" and
"She oughta drop the act, smell the play dough and go back to the primers." ...
So and so went the general consensus as reported by the associated press.
Despite it all, Sheesh shimmied on seemingly unaffected by the impressions she'd
left on her in(di)visible audience, who, "only saw what they wanted anyway".
Having brushed up on the aura of her contemporaries, Ume had come to the conclusion
that anyone who knew so much as an inkling about neogeogravy was sure to possess the
subtlety of ego needed to pull off the part of Wu Wei in the latest Broadway smashhit:
Who Is Ume Anywho.
"Believe me you," Ume began, processing the possibilities over hir usual breakfast of kim-chi and wine.
U: "When all is said and done we'll all cry wolf instead of smelling you later"
Me: "Wise cracks asside, without the aid of the no-form we know you know, quantum qualities of maybe are bound to get lost in tomorrows stack of theories on specific relativity. Magnify this by a hundred scupulously folded piles of dirty laundry and what we have is a serious identity crisis."
U: "I don't know about you, but I'm anxious for what comes next. 
Big ending with the last wave of redemption (see rev. 11 17)"."
Are you trying to tell me that there is a plot to blow up the plot and that if nothing is done in this instance, we will be stuck forever in this in between state?
me: "Maybe that is precisely what Wolf-Ma sought refuge from in her treatise On arbitrary discrepancies between color and theory."
Ume: Perhaps we'll never settle the batter
...to be forgotten...

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