Friday, November 19, 2010

Mixed Blissings

Compromised Transmissions from Beyond the Womb

Thresholding dust's pithy rhythmicontents:
Click eclectic to show all or null*
this is' residue's brushed offon me
(C aspecific semantricks)
d talk az renderdumb-
found id on duh sub l ime inall
*see primal seen huffing co-it-us
implicating sex's pro-creation posit-ion
On Elational aesthetics of
the possibility haunts even us, {Hollow!}
my name is Happy to me to You
Ms. Collective Crush on Constraint
cites exciting whispers that scream
yes to said preconfigures splayed in a ramble shacka shards
splitting cultural synapse before biology takes hold
on y comma, if it isn't an aoriginal chameleon!
Caught acting a fool(?!)

scoped scooped we re working it.
(Assimilation was reportedly way off base.
"Are yOu On The Ball"

Beware! Tis a seemingly metaphorless platform inextricably bound in puzzle.
Eye sought heaven, fought earth, thought merz, this maya as well be a damned super-all wherein doors perpetually shift dna sifting out the chunky stuffing so yeah you could say the ball was dropped and it would not be very far from the heart of the matter...

At last, Conception unfolded, turning light as a feather, tickling the fancy of Eye's inert ear and upon chuckle, wiggled 'is' way back to pretzel
power to the power to the nth decree
-a head a-
Z times

Overvoice (a luv song for many voices)
zhemshwehki ooai!

((kzaa kzound))
Baba bebeBaba bebeBaba babee booboo
Binkye blinkyBinkye blinkyBinkye blinky*
* It - it (scuttlegroup uniwonder).
* Bubba dub bull u ubba bubuu ubu roy(my brother).
* adeedeeDada (pop).
* Didee (diapers). cadabramystitch
* Style like a noise you no yesno
* Doedoes English anguishywishymachineygenieiedreamyequivalent see bubble, pop?).

* GoogoogagabaGoogoogagaGoogoogagaigoooGoogoogagaGoogoogagabaGoogoogaga
GoogoogagaigoooGoogoogagaGoogoogagabaGoogoogagaGoogoogagaigo oGoogoogaga.nndigod adindigo gagagag laglflflchkckh ckhckiftikkiftikkiftikhckhckhc khckhckhckhckh ckhckhfiktikhfiktikhfiktiklfkhlcohcfikflhcohcfhkfl ciefflchkhflcucfehfkhclfeocfuhfhkfcklhcefohu

* No No (food / dinner).
* Ikkle (Little, English, mostly).
* ex citing Eunoia. boot (cweepy).
* Jammyammy peejay amma omomemeomomemeomomemeomomemeomomemeomomemeomomeme (pajamas).
* ducky (grandmama meme ioio).
* Ducey - oopsyeoopsyeoopsyepopsychickoopsyoopsyeyeoopsyeoopsyeoopsyepop

So *bridge (what ever waterever)
evolution is = waterwaterearthvaterwaterairfirewaterwaterwhyerearthwaterwaterairfirewaterwater

* positive rei

* Ism (uni urination or penile colonisticky sitch).
* Pevye (smells abit off if you as meesh).
* Crab or metro policesee- you (shit).
* (Table) is not trivial.

* My sister (my hasheesah jeezuss).
* Sleepy be Bye now. zzz zomzzzzzlololzzzzzzzz.

* sob liminal i tease
English swisht washmostly).

Woo * (love all e ur allies).
* Yockey (disgust o hwind)

Behavior git or upper.* Plasticelastic dogs

barkchip bark chip rough flock offish arfinnoffagainstallodds
odd pickle. tickle fickled curds til day blew throughoopy facetedatamultiplex ex ex ex ex oxes says excessiv exes ssess ssht fishhh ififififf shihft ftffthshcftfftihishc highfeekifchftchftikif chftchftikifchftchftiinm ploficklojicklaffydffchftop ffthckafftckatoktktkclshkt kiftikclishooptiktikot hkclshktktkclshk tktkcls hktktkclshfifi fitikito kfloflfftcikaffitcka itokitkitikc lishfiifiiifitiikit okifiloiflfftickafiftckha htohkh chukt thkt htk chkitoutchkitoutchkitoutchkitoutht kht chlghshiftif igfigtigkog itoikfloifl
Alsomuch teechee talk on uncertain rules wronged dumbfoundational increases terminal I / / a noise common in small discursive children made examples.
form null
(the dogs).

("Dogone is often considered to be a mistake But in fact the other way around.
Poppy is to keep the ball short on Puppy Pope hahahehe tis not a pipette).

Convert other simulations child error messages in English, some of which could be opened l / / u/ v/ / as is in love within video texturine or oo oh/ and / / or g / / o/ d / .
face forced blanket states meant to be
regarding our complacency to US forces err ors
By any other abcluster, but not all languagical
swimming pools stretch like a kitty
*c keyeytti, which means the same thing now, it is understood by all who no no difference.

These areas of convergence occur as click consonants on the symbol of the specified location close to the pronunciation of a nonclick behind Written symbols of the Association for the most respectively, and alveolar click. * The most simple clicks visit pipe, |. They are Sharp (pitched) by the sucking sound of creaking on the front teeth. A simple click on the teeth are used to express sympathy or humiliate others in English, sometimes called the animal, write Tut! The next most familiar withdual, ǁ. though less acute than |, the suction on the molars on both sides (or both) of the mouth. A simple click is the horizontal moving horses in the UK, is a * Thertraditional written tchick! e are some lips clicks, wrote a bull's eye, ʘ. These are lip smacking sound, but not pursing the lips that kiss. Click the above sounds like affricates, as they relate to a lot of friction. Contact the other two families do not have the sudden sound of friction. * With the alveolar click, written by an exclamation mark,! , The tip of the tongue is pulled down suddenly and forcefully from the roof of the mouth, and sometimes use a lot of jaw movement, and to make the hollow pop! Like a cork being pulled from an empty bottle. These voices can be loud. * Finally, the palatal click, ǂ, a unit by the same tongue, and pop sounds better than soft! Clicks. Its essence is a language click ingressive flow mechanism. However, in the nasal nasalization involves clicking a single nasal airflow, usually but occasionally pulmonary artery egressive ingressive. Similarly, that also need to press the sound audible pulmonary egressive air power. Pronunciation may be in front of coronal or little lip. Front and rear joints are interdependent, with the rear of contact with the uvula or pharynx, tongue according to the shape of the front. Cohesion has been considered the rear base of the tongue, compared with several languages, a place of convergence uvula. However, recent investigations dealing with very complex language system, such as N Views | UU's sources, should be soft palate, uvula contrast actually click on comparison with a simple click stops flow profile or a consonant cluster. Even in the language there is no such distinction, such as Xhosa, experiments show that, when clicking delete from the record release, the resulting sound is considered the uvula, no tectorial membrane. Therefore, although not all languages that have been investigated, voice scientists recently used the term to the tongue (the tongue) is more accurately described above for the air system, traffic must involve at least two road closures : A representative of the former convergence has always been a special symbol in the IPA-click, and after the convergence has been described as the traditional oral or nasal, voiced or voiceless, other literature also describes the joints behind the soft palate comparison. However, recent work shows that the language makes this no such distinction, all clicks are uvula, or pharynx, and close, and clearly described in a matter of fact clicky clusters / profile Click to add pulmonary consonants / release form for two bursts, click on its own, and a uvular constantconsonant. In the case of "soft palate" clicks in other hand, there is only one version of burst, the release of positive click, and after the release of convergence nothing is not audible. [Citation wanted] However, in most of the goods specified the click is the convergence (known as release or influx), while the attitude is attributed to the in (or out as accompaniment), as in "dental nasal Click. " There are many ways clicks click. These include those who have been described as voiceless, voiced, aspirated, breathy sounders, nose, clear the nose, nasal breath said, glottalized, nose glottalized gushing affricate, prevoiced, a few of the Khoisan language family, and other obstruents click clusters. Examples of such clusters it! Click to blight the soft palate, followed by a silent cloud emitted affricated, [ɡ! Kx's], and tongue clicks emit the uvular spray, [K asked] [2]. The size of stock ranging from the first three hits (Sesotho) or four (in Dahalo), to dozens of Juu and Tuu languages (North and South Khoisan). ! Bacterial leaf blight, a Tuu language, with fifty-click phonemes [2] and 70% of the words in the dictionary of the language began a click. [3] Click to become more stop-like or more like affectionate interfaces according to their location: in involving apical alveolar or lamina postalveolar abrupt and sharp, like a closed hearing, stop, and the lips, teeth , side usually has a longer release of clicks, and those who prefer the sound noisy affricate. In East Africa, however, is often the alveolar click beat, and lateral clicks tend to be more sharp and abrupt. [Edit] There are a wide variety of clicks away, both simple and complex, the latter varying degrees of consonant clusters, or profile. There are several click languages, so they have little research, it is unclear to what extent the click is equivalent to a different language. For example, [! K, ˀ] of the Nama, [! K, ˀ ~ n, ˀ! k] of the Sandawe, and [n! ˀ ~ n's! K, ˀ] The Hadza may be the same phone, because it may [! Kx's] and [! Q͡χ], not a language different from any one set, the difference in the transcription and possibly more to do with the way linguists than the actual difference in sound. The suspected variant / profiled are listed in a common row in the table below. typology unusual, allowing non-mixed voicing click consonant cluster / contour, such as dt͡sk͡x, so it is not surprising that they would allow the number of clicks and the sound mix bric a brac fashion. This may affect the epiglottalized voiced consonants, as voicing does not meet the epiglottalization. Ongoing discussion to what is the best analysis of compound click consonants contains example, some linguists believe that the number of clicks emitted is not possible, in fact, in many is, they seem to cluster. However, in other languages, measured, although the smoke released the following, click on the "in" version, it is off the back is emitted clicks, rather than the subsequent consonant. This is one reason the contours of such a tongues visits air, rather than cluster*.

*see face conveyor belt but not the suggested butter. anonymous sintacticklish debris' debris
accumulates a circle
eggs act as egg spected
aspectral symm etrickle
chock fuller
minced word
tit 4 tat
a sumthong wizout halful ods
"I M Particulate"
Spoken thruendthru
secretes loves dNatural language
making the gauge
obsolete oncend frall
speaking of children in the car, how is this all getting oversuper fluous discrepency.
i browse, for a freerf sorta un-isex.
indicative as all could be..
ab ra cada bra:
short for the long lost Alphabet.
Apostraphy 's ring... dot calm...
oozing ahs is all we cadaver ask force.

Finesse is not my forte
, Bob!

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