Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Of Fish and Political No-How

Your animation

Crumbling War Slogans:

War as peace is as if you don't mind a heart as is, n'yo?

wepuns 0 massive by gosh ive lost it

war giving up asking the answer us a wrong request

Besides the royal Us turned on i-raq into

:Texas areal PatrioticHybride rigged puzzler

Give up th"y"

"name bombs 'r us" J es us omb? Fir e


Dares no way

to tame dictation in a mirrored palace of airy diction.

: Axis is as a weasel comes is as

Chaos the or y in order to conserve anarkey

leads to Schismism

Pray for forcing a dead and good solar submissive

to hate to like ms. all ills

Go out with a nice violet shade of violent folly

Prescribed by docs you cant rust.

How much dust lives per gallon, you ask?

93 Soiled cloaking skills miss the pointless entirety.

Oil is a term used to prescribe a state of turmoil.

Institutionally nullified change branding the Now Obsolete any strikes me as a

childish note to mention sublimity via xoxo huggy bra

(RE:cycle through the sl/ash)

nd doggedly bless Americuz da bomb god

of Chaince and Raw War and Dna Onegg Geno side with Xeno sides with them and file with eno one and all or BP alone to savour the loss of

O how we loose touch within our inalienable written in tattered Cons titution?

Born to culmination to dig imagi i-cons @ play war just to kill timeYour animation

Devoid of a Void ease (E's) miltiant pacifists at all costs nothing much

If you're out of rage, you may not notice at all.

Try to treaty to retreat to treats not bombs






s OMBBss


Bs OMbbs O



Recipe for war ranty Soup :


proof that the groupthink worx, aight!

Go head Ass whose dictation was a shrouded mush cloud!

Solutions not dilutions!

Make Slogans Knot War!

Make tea fresh out of War!

Wind up the dead toys, soldier!

Aint Our cult ure as a disease is as is our USness

take a relaxative, protest the solution is a diluted problematrix

If you catch my drift is dérived from the see VoUs play excuse my French impressionistic flawers may be but still life

Your animation

Your animation

These colors run wild.

Free FlagsState patrol controled by Matrianarchive of US All.

Does matter matter when freedoms taint is free?


Power to the Ower!

Your animation

Wilt what thou do shall be the/ who gnew holy grew


Taketh thy Law at phase value

(sheep carrying the banner image)

"War is expensive, Peace is expansive! "

Merz 4 Prez in 2012 is so over us

Urthe: Home of the RAVE

"Meth ods of Dé to ur ne ment"

a babelized transnation of guy debord's Methods of Détournement

Radical innovation is related to history.

Mankind's literal heritage, art, must be used as propaganda. This, of course it is, we will deny the reddest territories of land always want to mother dared to CID, are beyond the concept of hneyksli. Nú will need to push this process.

Emergence of new needs, "inspired" works outmodes. Barriers, it is dangerous. Point is, whether we like it in there. We must go beyond them.

All elements, where they have been moved, has been limited to only word that can be used sjálfir. Smears may also be used to practice the new combination. Einkamálarétti.

"Quote" to remain stupid.

Such methods are used for Parodical often comic effect. However, the existence of such humor is the result of some sublime performance discrepancies skilmálum.sér.

Reflects the intellectual weakness we camp. The same way as your "must be configured" so that line the famous poem, yet poorly understood, "plagiarism is required, which means this progress," and.

The industry is to produce a crumbling beauty more can find the best example.

These minor détournements to means opaque confusion.

For example, newspaper clippings, neutral words, the image of the routine.

Also, the error Detournement detournement known as the probe, the new context, a key element of the original scale was found to be different unlike détournement predicted. Saint-Just, for example, a slogan, or a series of Einstein.

In the long hours of work are generally minor compositions of one more lines. Détournement to never use the rules are as follows.

For example, the revolutionary spirit of adoption [verse, collage] is part of a clear lipstick ad to evaluate the Spanish Civil War chart: "The beautiful red lips."

This phenomenon is often an expression þekkt.Hugmyndin, the network is completely dead, our other enemies only temporarily, the parody as more survivors were found.

Détournement law is the response less effective and reasonable. Changes Lautreamont, this is a pretty big if tala.Það not only speak the language of a phrase .- add a little page, of course, "alliance of war."

But always, however, is most effective in turning the most direct and Détournement.Slík transition progress in certain aspects. For example, the Clemenceau, which was called ["Tiger" name of] "so-called Tiger."

The first four songs have now become essential, is generally applicable. The other three are inapplicable to almost every aspect of confusion determined.

Understanding the heavy artillery to destroy the product cheaper than all Chinese walls. It is the first step to a communal literary lesson in the true sense of the proletariat.

détournement er.eru was conscious when the fit in the field of synthesis and better, you can multiply the implementation.

Such a détournement of the job immediately be explained in the text link "Lost Patrol" is to generate a spirit of ljós.détournement geography is not that useful.

We are, of course, situationist - to continue such projects come to understand the scientific analysis is not possible. The proper way to even less ambitious goals.

Efficacity is the best of this aspect of the of course of subtlety will be able to obtain clear images of all things related to your great beauty of it.

Meanwhile, film is the very prejudice and therefore, not qualified to be induced in its current formlessness.

détournement - very light - in the final analysis of a very old painting of the museum, the restoration of morality to never do anything comparable. But just because he was cut in order to reconfigure the other's sense, most of the flicks trail off. Reconversion of existing sequences, as well as other factors, factions of visual music, and history to follow.

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